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This brand, it’s a community. This band, it’s universal

We are a single DNA sequencing bar and the visible color spectrum.


We represent the complex range of sexuality / attraction, 

and the unique biological structure that makes all of us, us.




This logo, it's a badge. This band, it’s inclusive

Wear it whether it stands for who you are, who someone else is, or who you support. 


If it’s something you support or feel everyone should support,

join us, and wear it.

Welcome to the band.



Our Story


"If only people just wore signs..."

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 The Idea & The Clothes

“Spectrum” is a word quickly picking up momentum within progressive social spheres as a way to describe, with more accuracy, the fluid and non-binary nature of human sexuality.

In reference to both the natural rainbow palette of visible light, and the structure of DNA sequencing images, our logo represents the complex range of sexuality, identification and attraction, and the unique biologic structure that makes us, us. 

Current LGBTQ apparel, in addition to being generally just sparse in existence, often presents only as the occasional "themed" or "special" item. In the case that they are offered, these "novelty" items appear for a limited time only! 

But, hang on. Our sexuality isn't seasonal....

The thought

"If only...." It all began with that thought.

As many times during her young-gay years as McCall lamented over the struggle that is identifying other non-straight individuals, the fact remained: “signage" will never be in style. But T-shirts always will... 

~Fast-forward a few angsty teenage years~

After searching unsuccessfully for cool shirts to wear to pride, McCall decided to make some of her own. So, she drew some witty, gay-related pictures, put them on a few shirts, and gave them to some of her queer friends. They were stoked.

Like, so stoked...

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"Gay all-day, everyday... and every month"

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The Brand

Hey There, Team.

The Spectrum Apparel is here to be your trusted "gay all-day, everyday (and every month)" apparel company. 

All of our apparel features versatile designs inspired by the ins and outs of LGBTQ life, so you can wear differently, and wear proudly.

**rainbow flag sways proudly in the background**