The Designs


Spectrum Logo

In reference to both the natural rainbow palette of a color spectrum, and to the structure of a DNA sequencing, the Spectrum logo, represents the complex range of sexuality and attraction and the unique, human biologic structure that makes us, us.

Whether you strongly identify as being somewhere on the spectrum or not, wearing this logo means you believe in and support human equality.



Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne and Ruby Rose are queer celebrities with a pretty extensive gay-girl following.

PSA: Although these women (and other figures like them) are highly influential idols and/or role models in the media, they do not have the ability to "cause" homosexuality among the youths. Obviously.

The fact that this still even needs to be said... I mean, really people? smh


If You're

Pretty much self explanatory. Yet, for those who are sometimes late to the party, this image is a gay take on Drake's most parodied album title.

So, if you're wearing this shirt... congrats! You are showing that you are both gay and "hip and with the times." Nice.


Boys Gone Wild

Some scandalous guys baring all. #springbreak! But also, censorship should be equal. Right?

Free the nip, ya'll.

Intersectionality (FINAL).jpg


"A term used to refer to the complex and cumulative way that the effects of different forms of discrimination (such as racism, sexism, classism) combine and overlap -- especially in the experiences of marginalized groups of people."

RECOGNIZE one's whole truth. EMPOWER that whole truth.



Best way to not find yourself in an awkward mistaken pronoun situation? Listen to how others refer to the individual, or how the individual refers to him/her/theirself.

Better still! Practice open minded thinking; don't be so quick to assume you know another's sexual preference or gender.

girl:girl crewneck design.jpg


nakedness doesn't have to be sexual


our bodies are not scandalous.


Wear Something Gay.

This shirt is inspired by the arbitrary nature of calling someone's piece of clothing "gay." The actual image on this shirt is neither a reference to anything gay, nor a symbol for queerness. It is simply a cool design - there is nothing gay about this piece of clothing aside from the fact that the word "gay" is indeed printed on it....

Reclaim what has traditionally been used in a derogatory way. Take the phrase that is meant as an insult to the wearer and, well, wear it.